Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vanity Fair Robert Pattinson Desktop Wallpaper

Those images of Robert Pattinson from the Vanity Fair/Bruce Weber photoshoot are fucklicious to the 10th degree! There was JawPorn, Stubble, SexHair, Piano, Corn, Sex-Driven People Book, Ciggie, Blankie and Skankles (skinny ankles). Gah, how much more can this woman and her lady bits take? As promised, I created 3 desktop wallpapers for my lovely Twilusters. Right-click, lick and save! The first RobWall can also be used for Twitter. :)

Forest Green Robert Pattinson
Getting it on with Rob in the forest is hot
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Ocean Blue Robert Pattinson
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Midnight Dream Robert Pattinson
Comtemplating Rob is what naughty dreams are made of
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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for making them...I am drooling so hard right now!


  2. you are f*cking amazing...and these wps are GORGEOUS...i heart you hard, bbcakes-o-mine!


  3. The bottom one looks like he's got another guy curled up on his chest! :)