Friday, November 13, 2009

Claire's Twilight Fan Encounter At London Fan Event

OMFSquee! My über lucky Twitter friend Claire, from across the pond, took the adventure of a lifetime to go see Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz at the London Fan Event this past Wednesday. Look at Rob's scruff!


Claire's Recap: The adventure started at 8.30am on the 10th November. I put my little boy in the taxi to school and hubby drove me to get my first bus of the day. That got me to Exeter where I had an hour and a half wait for bus number two! This one took me to Heathrow where I got bus number three to my friends in Northampton where I was spending the night on her sofa! I got there at about 8.30pm. Twelve hours travelling so far and I wasn’t in London yet!

8.45am the next morning
THE morning! Taxi collected me and took me to the train station. An hour later I was finally in London. But the wrong end of London. So then next hour was spent on the underground. By now I was no longer alone. I’d met two friends on the train. But they had tickets so when we got to Battersea Park at about 11am we were split up and I was on my own again! Still they were a great bunch of girls in the red carpet line.

Things were going well until the rain! No umbrella! But managed to share one so I wouldn’t look like a drowned rat in front of HIM.

So we waited, and waited. At about 3pm they started letting us through to the red carpet. It was getting closer! I got lucky and got right to the front of the barrier. I had my spot; I had my copy of Vanity Fair and New Moon postcard. I’d re-done my make up, I was ready. Now we just had
another three hours to wait.

The cameras and film crews started setting up; they lit the fire cauldrons and set up the big screens. There was a lot to watch. And then the film crews started filming us. I lost count how many times they asked us to scream! I got interviewed by someone (no idea who, turned out
it was for an online newspaper). The tension was building.

The show started about 6pm. They showed the trailers and got some actors dressed up as Vampires and Werewolves. All very nice, but not what we had got so cold and wet for. But we didn’t have long to wait.

A car with blacked out windows pulled up. We held our breath. And then............Robert Pattinson was on the red carpet! He was there, right there!

Because I was near the front of the line, closer to the entrance, we had to wait. But I could see him getting closer and closer.

And then he was there. Standing right in front of me. He was gloriously scruffy with stubble and a brown overcoat, heavenly! For a few brief second I got to look right into his eyes. Oh my! I’m still not sure if they’re blue or green, but they’re beautiful. And then he had to move along. But he signed my Vanity Fair! And I got to watch him along the rest of the line. And from where I was I could watch him give his interviews and press photos.

Taylor was next. He’s very sweet, very polite and smaller than I was expecting. And then we got Chris. He was lovely and actually thanked us for being there!

Lastly we got Kristen. I know she has a reputation for being a little aloof, but she was so nice, and very apologetic that she couldn’t spend longer with us.

We watched them get interviewed and photographed again. And then it was over. By 8pm I was heading for a cab to take me to my hotel.

And guess what the next day brought? Yep a long bus ride home! But this time I could have floated there.

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Thanks sweets for sharing! I hope I can get as close to HHH as you did hun! Check out Claire's Twitter here!


  1. Ohh look you posted it!! Thanks hun xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I am watching the live feed of the LA red carpet premiere and they were panning the fans and I saw a Twilusted poster on the gate/fence. Was that you?!!

  3. Yes @sprtzmom1721, that was me! Bright neon green banner on barricade and I was behind it! Gah, I'm quasi-famous!

  4. @claire p - I cannot even begin to imagine how exciting that must have been, and you got close enough to see the scruff AND get the infamous Vanity Fair signed?! I am SO jealous!!! Great recap of your trip. I enjoyed reading it and living vicariously through your experience very much. Thanks Twilusted for sharing it with us.

    @Twilusted - That awesome!! Have you written about your adventure and/or posted pictures and I've missed it? I will check again after I post my comment. My husband thought I was nuts sitting camped out in front of the computer all night watching the live feed of the LA premiere (Anya was HORRIBLE as a co-host btw) and even crazier when I squeed like a fangirl when I saw the Twilusted poster and recognized someone from our Robsessed bloggy world. I found myself wishing I could hit rewind and pause the frame to check again. Too fun!