Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spot Me Twilusted At New Moon Premiere In LA

OMFSquee, I'm quasi-famous yo! I've just discovered that my neon green "Twilusted 4 Twilight" banner was spotted on many live feeds and on television from The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie premiere that I was at this past Monday. Woot! How cool is that? If you spotted me, can you please give me the link? I need to be sure I wasn't caught picking my nose. :)

My neon green banner...

Me and my newfound friends behind the barricade...

My autographed banner and free Twilight: New Moon gear...

Here are a few photos of us from across the street that I captured. All of my RL friends missed out due to work or school but that didn't stop me from going and I lucked out by meeting some of the most amazing Twi-Friends from the event. Much love and many thanks to @twiheart36 and @smiley2131 from Pensacola, Florida for allowing me to join you at the best fan location ever. Hugs to Hilary, Meredith and Mom from Ontario, Canada for keeping me entertained. Waves to @andibabii33, @lisanandrews and @maryhollywood from Anaheim for the deets of the event. Hello to my numerous Twitter friends whom I couldn't meet up with when you were amongst the chaotic mess due to my cell phone fail. And lastly, a massive leg-hitch to my Twitter friends who encouraged my adventure and for being there with me in spirit. My first experience with star sightings was made more special by all of you fellow Twi-Fans and I'm incredibly thankful. I ♥ you all, hard!

Photos and vids of other stars from the event soon to come!

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