Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm Going To The New Moon LA Premiere!

I inadvertantly chose this week for my vacation and only just realized yesterday that the premiere for The Twilight Saga: New Moon was this coming Monday in LA. I'm seriously considering on being there for HHH. posts...

But when I checked, it doesn't list the event anymore. Anyhow, Summit confirmed the date and location so I might as well try to see the Twilight cast.

I don't know the deets on how early to be there but I hope I can play it by luck and be in front of the fan area with my DSLR camera, my MPEG4 recorder, an image or mag of Robert Pattinson for autographs and a few sharpies because I know he takes off with them. How I'm going to find enough hands for all of that, I don't know. I sure hope my friends will be off from work to go with me. If not, let me know if you'll be attending this event. I would love to meet my Twilight Twitter friends there. :)

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