Friday, November 6, 2009

Harper's Bazaar Robert & Kristen Banner

At the request of Jessica from My Twilife blog, I created them a new banner. I tried to incorporate her most favorite images/outtakes from the Harper's Bazaar/Mark Seliger photoshoot but somehow this is what materialized. I also couldn't find your original font and used another one instead. I hope you like it bb!

If you haven't checked out their blog, you should! It's pure awesomeness of Twilight news all in one site.

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  1. OMG I LOVE IT!! Thanks so much BB!! You def deserve a kiss from Rob for this! ;)

  2. hey your banners are really amazing! I was wonerding if you would like to do one for TwiGossip. I really love your work. I seen My Twilife's blog and its amazing!

  3. Thanks Desuana! I'm going to check out your site and email you k?

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