Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sex Drive Premiere Rob Wallpaper & Banner

These old images of Robert from the Sex Drive Premiere in 2008 called out to me from my external harddrive. Just as easily as a double-click, my fingers instantaneously itched to run itself through Rob's amazing Sexhair. Ultimately, I tamed my inner fancougar and settled for creating this wallpaper and a new banner for Robsessed.

Two banners in two days, I must love you Gozde! :)


  1. Love your banners. Do you have tutrorial on how to make them?? They really are stunning!!!

  2. Thank you mookie! Unfortunately, I'm a self taught photoshopper so I only know the basics and I suck at tutes cuz I don't know how to make screenshots to help guide you through? Do you know anything about screenshots programs?