Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Robert Smoking So Bad Yet Oh So Good Wallpaper

Warning: If you are under 18, please ignore this post!

As for the rest of us -- lust on this, it's a panty melter! If you've never smoked before, Robert Pattinson can sure make you itch for a drag of his cigs. He makes it look so fukchawt and it's a pleasure to see that he enjoys those bad boys so much. That's why I made this wallpaper, a collage of Rob taking puffs off of his "So Bad Yet Oh So Good" cigarettes. Right-click, save and review!

P.S. I do not condone smoking nor am I supporting it, please don't be a killjoy with your comments.


  1. Oh hun that is HAWT!!! I love me some smoking Rob (which is why I made a vid of all the smoking pics!!) I don't really like people smoking but Rob manages to make this bad habit look sexy!!!

  2. Thanks for that babes brilliant as always!!