Monday, June 6, 2011

Robert Pattinson RobAward Banner

Oh my Robert! You owned the MTV Movie Awards last night and turned it into a RobAward Celebration!

Robert Pattinson made this show the most entertaining it's ever been. What with his lip lock with Taylor Lautner; his complete lack of subtlety towards Bryce Dallas Howard's pregnancy; his hilarious F-bomb during Reese Witherspoon's generation award presentation, and lastly but not least, his randy comment to Kristen Stewart about taking her backstage! I also saw a photo of Rob high-fiving Gary Busey in his bubble. LMFAO!

He's the most happy and comfortable I've ever seen him at an award show and I'm completely proud of him and his accomplishments. Rob is the brightest star in the world! Hence, this banner creation for Robsessed.

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