Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hide in Plain Sight Banner

Lusty's Fic Recommendation: Hide in Plain Sight by FangMom
★10 Lusty Fingers★

It's been forever since I last rec'd a fanfic and who better to do it right with than with @FangMom! If you haven't read this fic yet, go do it now. FangMom's wordplay of Pillward and Cougarella is captivating and you can't help but dive into the ocean of her world. You'll be completely immersed in every feeling this story invokes. Not to mention her amazing clarity on each character's voice. It's not difficult to relate to them because she has a way of making them 'real'. Thank you so much @bbwraven for the rec! I heart you bizzatch!

I'm currently on the 20th chapter and it amazes me that I'm even capable of reviewing every one of her chappies, considering how enthralled I am with this fic! I'm practically scrambling for the 'next' button in search of that elusive lemon between this Edward and Bella. I'm not a perv...well, maybe a little lol! That being said, the chemistry and UST is outrageously combustible. FangMom is an amazing author I can't wait to read her outtakes that she has planned for this fic, which for now, is her only one and it's completed as of 5/26/11. I regret not finding her sooner but then I'm also thankful that although late in my discovery, I'm able to whip through her chappies without MUCH distractions.

I'm sure FangMom doesn't need any more banners but I visualized HiPS's Edward and Bella in my mind. Hence, the creation below. Hopefully it'll help you consider reading my recommendation. If this banner doesn't do it for you, take note that FangMom also replies to all your reviews. She's epically gracious and I love her to pieces!

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