Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black & White Alexander Skarsgård Animation Banner

My beautiful Godzie from Robsessed has another vampire obsession and it's Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood. Per her request, I created an animated banner for her new website. I myself haven't reached the same level of obsession for Alex as I have for Robert Pattinson but while I was going through his images, I couldn't help but falter in heartbeats whenever there was a shirtless Alex. :)

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UPDATE 12/23/09 11:55 PM: I edited the above banner because I didn't realize that the first image of Alex in bed is a manip. Still damn good but I the real thing is much better. :)

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Go check out Gozde's new project, it's uber fab! Don't forget to read their first post of an Alex-washing-himself gif. Thud.