Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Grunge Vanity Fair Robert Animated Banner

Gah, those newly released Vanity Fair/Bruce Weber outtakes of Rob are slaying me hardcore! I mean, the most recent one of Robert Pattinson with his right hand on his heart practically elicited a wimper out of me. Can this man be anymore fucklicious? Here is a grunge banner for my ladies of Robsessed. Ung! *collectively wimpers together*

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On another note, I'm meeting the ladies of RTBTF for Bobby Long's show at The Mint tonight and I'm uber excited! He's been performing in various venues in LA for a week or so and I'm finally catching the opportunity to enjoy my first live show with Bobby on my day off. As for pics/vids of Sam Bradley's show from last Saturday at the House of Blues in LA, I'll post them as soon as I can. :)


  1. Love you! Another awesome banner and have fun at Bobby's show! I hear he's really good :))


  2. Awesome banner, bbcakes! And have fun at the show! :)

  3. You amaze me with you graphic design talent. I swear that I can't wait to check out ROBsessed just to see what the latest banner design is going to be.

    Vanity Fair owned my ass last year and bought it again this year. They know how to do Rob right ;) I love the pic of Rob with his hand over his heart, too. I even posted about it on my tiny blog (where I follow you and ROBsessed, of course!). The caption I used with it was, "I know, Baby. There's nothing wrong with your mipple." LOL!

    I don't want to be banned by giving you my blog site name/address (see, Gozde, I paid attention!), but if you're ever interested in stopping by, just let me know.

    Again, I LOVE your work!


    P.S. Up until this Robsanity took over my life, I was content living and raising my family in the Midwest. Now I've never wanted to move to the coast so much in my entire life. Sam Bradley. Bobby Long. So jealous!