Sunday, August 23, 2009

Robert Pattinson Is Insecure?

Robert Pattinson is insecure about his body? GTFO Rob, you are a fucklicious man beast and I love your body. In fact, you're more delectable and appealing to me than any of the other men of Twilight. If you don't believe me, ask all the other throngs of fancougars out there who would love nothing more than to bury their face into your sexy chest hair and nibble on your mipples. Erm...wait, that's MY Rob fantasy. I think I should stop divulging my wildest fantasies now or else it'll get too dirty. Lol, I am a classy bitch when it comes to Rob. reports: British heartthrob Robert Pattinson who was recently voted the 'Sexiest Man Alive' by a magazine says that he was "really uncomfortable" while taking his top off for the upcoming movie 'New Moon'.

The 23-year-old actor felt embarrassed while filming love scenes for the much awaited 'Twilight' sequel and admitted that uneasiness stemmed from his insecurities about his body. "I was so uncomfortable doing it, it really is so embarrassing," said the British actor who achieved heartthrob status with his role as the lovelorn vampire Edward Cullen in the superhit film 'Twilight'.

Pattinson has been constantly linked with co-star Kristen Stewart, but their alleged relationship is again reported to be threatened following fellow co-star Taylor Lautner's devotion towards Stewart.

Above photo of Rob's fake abs is also hot. He totally owns it because he just oozes sex. :)


  1. Actually, I think that this particular picture is from before they airbrushed the abs to enhance them. Those are real. The airbrushed ones are much more defined.

  2. Forreals Vanessa? Rob doesn't have any abs, that are visible, that is. Have you the GQ photos of him wearing the denim vest that is open in the front? Or the side profile of him that day in Montelpuciano when he closes his eyes and raises his head up to the sky?

    Tehehe, or I could be wrong.