Friday, August 28, 2009

EW James White Robert Banner

I had laptop fail with my Toshiba tablet and ended up putting her to rest. :( As for my desktop, which I broke a while back, I'm still waiting on it's repair. I practically begged and groveled for my DH to allow me to borrow his laptop. He agrees and within the next hour, it's harddrive is riddled with a full installation of Ps, a plethora of Rob's photos and all things Twilight. Muahaha, I can't help being tech-impaired.

Yay, thanks to my DH, it's time for another Robert Pattinson banner for my ladies at Robsessed! The images I used here are a few outtakes from James White's photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly. I adore his photography skills, so breathtakingly awesome.

P.S. Twilusted's blog has reached 300 followers on Twitter this past week and I want to thank you all for your continuing support. If you're not following me, you should @twilusted. Muahaha...welcome to my lair!