Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Your World Banner

Lusty's Fic Recommendation: In Your World by solostintwilight
★10 Lusty Fingers★

Despite her many monikers on the world wide web, this little author has stolen a very large part of my heart with sweet Amishward and kind-hearted Englishella. The writing is simply captivating and I'm thrilled that I now have an understanding of Amish living. It's a WIP which she updates regularly, in fact, every Sunday and it's currently at 22 chappies. I'm just as enthralled with it now as I was since the beginning. Go read this fic now, you won't regret it! Find solostintwilight on Twitter @holdmeRansom! and tell her I sent ya okay?!

It wasn't an easy task when searching for images of Amish couples on the internet when they don't believe in photographs but I managed to design this banner for this precious gem of a fic. I have an affinity for Amishward's horse, Magnus, and buggy. I hope you all like!

P.S. Don't Google search equine breeding per solostintwilight's warning! I didn't listen and I was scarred for life.

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  1. This is beautiful, hun! thanks so much for the gorgeous banner and rec! I have a soft spot for dear Magnus too. :)

    thanks my dear!
    @holdmeransom et al (LOL)