Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV VMAs 2009 Robert Pattinson Banner

What did I learn from the MTV VMAs tonight? Russell Brand does not make for good hosting x2, Kanye West proves to be an ass yet again, Kristen & Robert owns a stylist (sometimes), Robert Pattinson's slur sounds like a British accent to me, Lady GaGa is mucho weird and the extended version of New Moon's trailer is more fuckawesome than the VMAs itself. In honor of this newly founded wealth of knowledge, I bring to you -- and only you -- a Robsessed banner of Rob from the VMAs of 2009 in New York! Did I slur?

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For all my Twilusters, I present you -- and only you -- a Ps'd manip image of Rob, all by himself. Lol! I hope this makes up for the shortage of Rob photos from this evening. Right-click, save, lick! Oh yeah, and review! :P

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  1. LMAO! I couldn't watch the awards but I'm sure I'll agree! Thanks for another fab banner!


  2. LOL...I love your What I Learned list...Kanye was a no-class f*cking dick...and I cried during the MJ tribute!

    Great job on the banner and the photo, are the best artist I've ever known...SERIOUSLY!

    Love ya,